Company Introduction:

Novin Darou Pazouh Iranian is established in 2010, and it began its activities by  portation of required drugs for Fars province and southern provinces of Iran based on therapeutic protocols assigned by the general and specialist doctors of Fars and the southern region of Iran. In order to meet the pharmaceutical needs of regional patients, Novin Darou Pazouh Iranian started importation of single-prescription drugs as well as shortage drugs, and during past years, it has expanded its activities by fast and timely importation of required drugs of the region and also the whole country.


It is now  onsidered as a credible and confident importer of drugs in Iran and based on our  xperience in distribution and importation of drugs.


The another main objective of this  ompany is to get the agency of European and American pharmaceutical anufacturers of drugs and some food supplements in order to register them with the Iranian MOH, get their IRC (Iranian Registration Code), distribute and sale and pharmacovigilence of these products.Based on our experience and expertise, a steady and regular supply of such products can meet the demand of a wide range of Iranian patients.


Takes pride in introducing itself as one of the fastest growing companies in Iran. We are involved in various trading businesses, but our core business is sourcing, supplying and manufacturing of pharmaceuticals. Time and again, we have successfully proved our position as a leading exporter, importer and licensor company,with major operations in USA, Canada, Spain, Italy, UK, India, Turkey and Iran.


Novin Darou Pazouh Iranian is managed under supervision of Mr.Dehghani. He is 35, graduated with Pharmacy Doctorate from the university, He has private positions and has been active more than 10 years in the field of importation and distribution of pharmaceutical products in Fars province, Iran.

Financial turnover:

Novin Darou Pazouh Iranian , has an annual turnover of Rials300Billion which is almost equal to US$3Mio, which compared to similar companies in Iran is an impressive turnover.

International Partners:

Novin Darou Pazouh Iranian is working with over 40 International pharmaceutical and medical companies all around the World. We have exclusive right for Iran market from our manufacturing partners that listed as below:


2- Gericare (USA)

3- Promopharma(Italy)

4- Laboratories Lysedia (France)

5- Cresent Pharma (UK)

As well as mentioned above partners, we are collaborating with our international wholesale partners all

around the World for supplying medicines and devices which are under shortage for Iran.

Domestic partners:

We are working with Iranian pharmaceutical and medical device companies to source and fulfill all their demands and requests. Team working, consulting, products marketing, providing the most suitable dossier and also high quality API, transfer of technology, and supporting to register of pharmaceutical products and monitoring until the product license has been obtained. Is our specialty. On the below we introduce some of our partners in different fields in Iran.

Domestic Distributor partners:

  1. Daru Pakhsh Distributor
  2. Hejrat Pakhsh Distributor
  3. Pakhsh Razi Distributor
  4. Ferdows Pakhsh Distributor
  5. Momtaz Pakhsh Distributor
  6. Rasafarmed Distributor

Pharmaceutical Company partners:

  1. Shafayab Gostar Company
  2. Yasin Daru Fars Company
  3. Shahab Darman Company
  4. Reza Daru Pars Company
  5. Nik Daru Aram Company
  6. Rayan Daru Iranian Company
  7. Arad Daru Pasargad Company
  8. Owzan (Social Security Iran) Company
  9. Arad Daru Pasargad Company
  10. Owzan (Social Security Iran) Company

Manufacturer partners:

  1. Shiraz Serum Pharmaceutical Co
  2. Osve Pharmaceutical Company
  3. Fatak Chemie pars pharmaceutical Co


Medical device Company partners:

  1. Owzan (Social Security Iran) Company
  2. Iran Pharmis Company
  3. Danesh Jarrah Emrouz
  • Novin Darou Pazouh Iranian , IS THE GATE TO IRAN’S MARKET. WE PROUDLY WELCOME YOU TO HIGHPOTENTIAL MARKET IN IRAN.Novin Darou Pazouh IranianNo:200,Hedayat west street ,oskar building Shiraz, Iran Postal Code:7134733887Phone: +98 917 717 8857Fax: +98 713 236 1462

    Email add: ceo@novin-pharma.com

    Email add: info@novin-pharma.com





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